There has been much technological advancement in healthcare, especially over the past decade. Healthcare services are provided with the aid of technology more effectively than ever before. Through this website, we aim to inform just that – the impact of technology in the medical field.
We cater to one audience interested in technology and another in health-related matters. A techie must know about devices that show time and check our vital signs. Known as fitness trackers, these serve as more than just an accessory. These devices monitor fitness metrics like distance covered on foot, calorie consumption, plus heartbeat. These are known as wearable devices.
There are many other forms of ‘wearables’, and we have a post that touches upon the things you should know regarding these devices. Do you know that wearable devices include smart clothing? If not, never worry because you are not the only one who does know about these devices. This is why we are here – to help increase your knowledge about medical technology.
Using PCs was among the most significant technological transformations in the 1900’s medicine. Now, we have reached a stage where even artificial intelligence and big data are used as part of various medical services.