Technologies & Health Care: What We Can Expect In The Coming Years

Technological Advances In Medicine
Technological Advances In Medicine
Technological Advances In Medicine
Technological Advances In Medicine

The way forward in terms of medicine and health care is to add in a healthy scoop of technology. It is only with technology that we can stand on its shoulders, and be able to make a lasting change. Digital technology could transform healthcare systems into sustainable ones, make health care cheaper and more effective. Technology could help in winning the war against deadly diseases such as cancer, AIDS or Autoimmune diseases. It could lead to healthier communities and individuals- both of them are the building blocks for even greater things to come.

Some of the technological advances in medicine that could change it for the better include:

Artificial Intelligence

AI algorithms will be able to better mine medical and patient records, design and implement a treatment plan and make a change in terms of the pace at which new treatment and drugs are being created.

AI can help in faster analysis, as seen by Google’s DeepMind AI algorithm which performs breast cancer analysis. The algorithm was able to give radiologists a run for their money when they were able to identify breast cancer from a set of pre-selected data sets.

AI will disrupt the healthcare as we know it, and there are far too many possibilities of what an early utilization of this could lead to- Amazing discoveries!

Virtual reality (VR)

Gone are the days of reading textbooks and boring diagrams. This is the new technology in the medical field that will change the way that medical students read and learn the fundamentals of life-saving. It is not only for students but even for actual surgeons to be able to practice and perfect their craft with scalpels. A study by the Harvard Business Review showed that VR-trained surgeons had a 230% boost in their overall performance compared to traditionally-trained counterparts. They were also much faster and more confident when it came to performing surgical procedures.

Healthcare Trackers And Wearables

These trackers help in reducing the gap between doctors and patients. This also helps to empower patients to take care of their own health via the long arms of technology. No longer do you need to take a trip to the clinic to get your blood pressure and calorie intake calculated- You can do it on the fly.

The beauty of these tech-fueled advancements is that they enable the patient to monitor their own health, and then send the info over to their doctors who can take calls on what needs to be done next. Beautifully simple.

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