The Role Of Healthcare Technology In The Fight Against Coronavirus

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Too few countries around the world have been spared from the wrath of SARS CoV-2 virus. Advanced healthcare technologies have been playing a significant role in the fight against the pandemic that has claimed many lives since its outbreak.

Here are some of the ways in which healthcare tools are coming of use in the worldwide fight against coronavirus.

Videoconferencing Has Addressed The Risks Associated With Remote Care

With a growing number of cases, it is less practical to offer medical care to all at the hospitals. People may develop symptoms but may not necessarily be infected. COVID-19-like symptoms do not necessarily mean that you have the disease. The cause of your symptoms could be something else. Telemedicine facilities help people to consult a doctor while staying at home and get the necessary medical advice. Advanced telehealth system can be used for remote diagnosis of COVID-19.

Video conferencing systems have helped people who stay at home to communicate with their family, friends and colleagues.

Robots Are Employed In Patient Care

Robots have been involved in different areas of patient care. In January, physicians at the Regional Medical Center in Washington used a robot to take the vitals of an infected man with a stethoscope and communicated with him via the inbuilt screen. Using remote controlled telehealth cart, physicians can minimize close interactions with patients that put them at the risk of getting infected.

Using robots for food delivery and cleaning in the isolation centers was news in China. Robots are also used to disinfect rooms at COVID care facilities. The robots kill germs by emitting UV rays.

Chatbots Ease The Patient’s Fears And Worries

Communicating with healthcare chatbots can help the patients identify the symptoms at an early stage without even having to visit the hospital. AI-backed chatbots developed to handle the particular situation are trained to answer the questions the public has about the disease.

Chatbots can also be employed to answer queries from people who are under quarantine.

Wearables Supporting The Monitoring Of COVID Patients Remotely

Minimizing contact with patients reduces the risk of healthcare professionals getting infected.

Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center is using a continuous temperature sensor to monitor the patients. The sensor fitted on the patient’s body sends real time information to health professionals.

Advanced healthcare technology plays a crucial role in the fight against Coronavirus as it contributes to the structuring and better organization of the measures taken to fight the infection.

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