Advantages and Disadvantages of Medical Technology

Medical technology is the use of knowledge to build objects that helps in protecting living organisms from disease and death. 

The two main areas of medical technology are the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There exist hundreds of examples of medical technology we could talk about in each category. Medical technology has a lot of benefits and disadvantages in the field of the medical industry. Listed below are a few among them.


Use of Communication Systems in Healthcare

A lot of devices are made for the patients to contact doctors or nursing staffs easily. Such digital devices are mainly made for patients who are housed in the patient’s rooms in the hospitals. In emergency situations, the patients can click the button of theses communication devices that inform the doctors or nurses to attend the patient immediately.

This is one of the main advantages of technology in the medical industry and it is very useful for patients and doctors. With accessibility to such a device, the doctor can reach the patients and save their lives without wasting time.

Improvement of Healthcare

Many technologically advanced devices and various types of equipment have improved the healthcare as well as treatment of the patients a lot. These include devices such as portable defibrillator, drug management technology, electronic IV monitors, MR system, etc.

Electronic Health Records of Patients

In almost every hospital, records about the patient’s health are stored in the database or cloud servers in the computers. Keeping the records in such systems makes further processes faster and efficient.


 Increased Cost of Treatment

The increased cost of treatment is one of the major disadvantages of medical technology. Most of the treatments and surgeries through technology are very costly since the machinery used is very costly.

Showing Wrong Result

One of the disadvantages of medical technology is that it shows some errors sometimes. Sometimes it does not show the accurate result of the patients to the doctor. Errors and bugs might come in the technological machines made by engineers and programmers, and at times do not work properly.

A patient’s life might be taken into danger if the types of equipment show wrong results and if the doctor gives the wrong diagnosis to the patients. 

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