Advantages Of 3D Printing In Healthcare

New Technology In Healthcare
New Technology In Healthcare
New Technology In Healthcare
New Technology In Healthcare

The line between engineering and medical science continues to grow thinner with the advancement of medical technologies in healthcare. The medical practice has become easier for the doctors and nurses as the medical equipment and the computers that power them became faster, smaller, and smarter. For the patients, the treatments have become much cheaper and affordable.

Our smartphones and tablets also play a big part in the modern health care system. Various healthcare apps are helping us to monitor our health conditions and to maintain good health. We can now consult a doctor in the privacy and comfort of our homes. The new technologies in healthcare provide the best medical care to people of all sections in society.

New medical technologies allow the services to be taken outside the hospitals. Medical care has become more user-friendly and more effective. New technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, etc. have been improving medical care every day.

3D printing is one such emerging technology in healthcare that has great importance in the medical field. Keep on reading the article to find out the advantages of 3D printing technology in healthcare.

What Is 3D Printing?

In simple terms, 3D printing is the process of making 3 dimensional solid objects out of a digital file. It has a variety of functions in different industrial fields. A 3D printed object is created through a process called additive process. In this process, the object is made by laying down successive layers of the material until the object is fully created. Each of those layers is a thin cross-section of the actual object.

When you look into 3D printing carefully, you will understand that it is exactly the opposite of subtractive manufacturing. In this process, an object is made by cutting out a metal piece or a plastic piece with a milling machine. One of the main advantages of 3D printing over subtractive manufacturing is that 3D printing uses less material to produce complex shapes.

3D printing is becoming very popular in the medical industry also as it has numerous applications. This technology allows bioprinting tissues and organoids, which helps the medical students and surgeons to practice surgeries before performing very complex operations. It also helps the doctors to understand and evaluate the complications of surgery.

There have been numerous cases around the world where 3D printing aided in the successful completion of complex surgeries. In 2018, a group of surgeons in Belfast practiced a kidney transplant using a 3D printed model of the donor’s kidney. This allowed the surgeons to successfully complete the surgery without any errors.

Benefits Of 3D Printing In Healthcare

Helps To Perform Complex Surgeries

One of the main uses of 3D printing in the medical field is that it helps to train future doctors and help them to prepare for complex surgeries using a 3D model. 2D images have a lot of limitations, they can only provide the visualization of the human body. On the other hand, 3D printing technology allows you to create a 3D model of the human body and learn the surgical processes with accuracy. This will make future doctors more efficient in what they are doing.

They can also print out the model of human organs and study them. This will be more effective and easier for students to learn about the anatomy and functioning of different internal organs of the human body. Practicing on human-like organs will increase the quality of skills of medical students and they will have enough experience before they start their medical practice.


3D printing technology is gaining huge popularity in all industries because it is very cost-efficient. With the help of 3D printing, we can print 3D models of many of the medical and lab equipment, and also it is possible to print some of the essential parts of medical equipment in plastic. This will significantly reduce the cost of buying new equipment and you can save enough money and time. It also means the medical equipment is now more readily available to economically backward people.

With the help of 3D technology, you can create affordable prosthetics for people who lost their body parts in accidents or wars. The 3D printed prosthetics are getting more popularity among people because it also allows them to make their own prosthetics. This new technology in healthcare gives freedom to the users to choose their own designs, sizes, and color of their prosthetics.

3D printing has a huge benefit in remote areas and poverty-stricken countries where road infrastructure is too bad to deliver the essential medical equipment. In these areas, with the help of 3D printing technology, you could create the essential medical equipment in plastic. That means people of all sections of the society will be getting intricate medical care with the advancement in medical technologies.

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