Bio Medical Tech Advances In Cancer Treatment

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Latest Medical Technology
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The biggest biomedical tech advances in the 21st century is in the field of cancer treatment due to better understanding of the myriad of conditions associated with it. As a result, newer and more effective treatment procedures have emerged over years for this disease that was once thought to be incurable. The chances of remission with the continuation of a healthy state have increased and complementary treatments to reduce the side effects were also developed over the years. The newest advancement in technology in this field is the development of personalised medicine, and listed below are 3 of them.

Personalised Cancer Vaccine

It is known that cancer has its origins at the genetic level where mutations to healthy cells cause them to transform into tumour cells. It should be known that these mutations are different across patients and highly individual specific. So, a revolutionary medical technology s the development of individual tumour specific vaccines that are more effective than traditional chemotherapy. This involves DNA sequencing of multiple tumours and identifying the one that invokes strong immune response. The vaccine contains the messenger RNA for this DNA sequence and administering it to the individual prepares the immune system against the particular tumour. This is cheaper than other cancer treatment and gene editing technologies, messenger RNA technology is already in use to produce regular vaccines at a cheaper price point.

Immune T Cells Guiding

This method involves guiding immune T cells to attack the tumour and it is called CAR-T cell therapy. Here, the immune T cells taken from the patient are genetically modified to specifically target the unique cancer antigen of the tumour cells. Because of the highly specific nature of this procedure, the rate of relapse is higher compared to traditional treatments. As better gene editing and genetic engineering biomedical tech emerge, the specificity and thereby the effectiveness of this treatment can be improved. Having said that, in this procedure it must be ensured that the T cell target antigen is not expressed in healthy tissues as it can attack them.

Using Microbes

The human body has a diverse range of microbiomes and they play an important role in our health as well as immune system functioning. They have the ability to suppress an overactive immune system, boost compromised immune systems through interactions with it. So, they can be re engineered to make the tumour cells visible to the immune system and used effectively in suppress tumour growth.

These biomedical tech advances can make cancer a more manageable disease and the future looks bright.

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