The Dangers Of Introducing Technology In Healthcare

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Latest Medical Technology

The introduction of technology in healthcare brought enormous advantages to this industry. It paved the way for the development of advanced machinery and healthcare devices that are useful in diagnosing and treating different diseases efficiently. However, the use of technology in the medical field has also resulted in certain dangers or risks that can jeopardize patient safety. The following are some of such dangers that can occur in the healthcare industry because of technology.

Alarm Fatigue Hazards

The use of medical equipment with alarms are becoming common now. A lot of medical devices including ventilators, infusion pumps, dialysis units, etc. come with alarms. These alarms are designed to warn about the potential dangers to patients. However, they can also contribute to different dangers too.

One of the major reasons behind this is alarm fatigue. The alarms tend to go off when there is even a slight change in the patient’s conditions. Hence, the frequency with which these alarms sound can desensitize staff and they may delay from giving immediate care. This is an issue that tends to happen in the medical sector frequently, hence, it needs to be addressed seriously.

Exposure Dangers From Radiation Therapy And CT

A latest medical technology, radiation therapy that is now commonly used in many life-saving situations can result in devastating consequences if something goes wrong. Also, inappropriate dose levels of CT may lead to unwanted radiation exposure for patients. Therefore, it is important for hospitals to maintain adequate staffing levels along with quality assurance procedures to avoid such situations.

Medical Administration Errors That Can Happen When Using Infusion Pumps

Different data-entry mistakes including mistyping information or entering the data to the wrong field can result in fatal dangers. It may result in illegible medical orders, incorrect preparation of drugs and other solutions and administering medication to the wrong patient, etc. which can endanger the life of a patient.  

Cross Contamination Resulted From Flexible Endoscope

Because of the failure to conduct proper cleaning and disinfection techniques of endoscopes, life-threatening infections for a patient can be resulted from cross-contamination. Any missed step in such procedures could compromise patient safety. Hence, it is important to adhere to a strict multistep procedure when reprocessing endoscopes.

Feeding Tube Misconnections

Fatal errors can happen when the nutrients intended for delivering to one organ or system is delivered to other organs. Such errors can lead to the death of patients. Hence, it has become mandatory to make adaptors and connectors uniform so that it can prevent misconnections because of the built-in incompatibility.

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