The Hottest Medical Technologies to Look For In 2019

The technology field is rising phenomenally with the introduction of innovative applications almost every other day. Another major industry that goes hand in hand with technology is medicine or the medical field. Since both these areas are ever-progressing, no one can predict what is going to be the best option or the best advancements. However, as of 2019, some of the best medical technologies that redefined the traditional treatment methods are given below.

Smart inhalers

Inhalers are used to pump medicine to your lungs through your mouth. Usually, this equipment is used for treating respiratory issues such as asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), etc. Studies claim that a person can cure around 90% of their respiratory issues with the help of an inhaler. Unfortunately, only 50% of patients using inhalers have their medical problems under control since the rest of the patients are not using it properly.

In order to tackle the condition and let the asthma sufferers use their inhalers effectively, scientists developed Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers. In this case, a small device will be attached to a regular inhaler and it records whether each dose is administered properly as well as the date, time, and dose of the inhalation. This data is automatically sent to the smartphone of the patients so that they can easily monitor and handle their health condition. Some clinical studies report that with the help of this medical technology, patients can enjoy more reliever-free days.

Robotic surgery

Robotic surgeries are usually performed if a patient is suffering from a less invasive health condition like tonsillitis, appendicitis, etc. It helps to nail the task with great flexibility, control, and precision. Hence, surgeons will be able to perform even the most complicated or almost impossible procedures successfully with the help of robotic surgery.

With the development of technology, robotic surgery is associated with augmented reality that helps the doctors to evaluate necessary information regarding the health condition of the patients in real-time while performing the operation. However, this medical technology has caused a stir since surgeons claim that the robots may replace them in the future if this trend continues. However, robotic surgery is likely to be performed just to assist or improve the performance of a surgeon even in the future.

3-D Printing

3-D printing is another hottest medical technology in the market these days. Note that these printers are used to manufacture implants and joints that can be used during surgeries. Such prosthetics are extremely popular since they can be customized. In other words, the digital functionalities of these prosthetics are designed in such a way to cater to the requirements of different individuals. Furthermore, 3-D printers can produce both soluble and long-lasting products.

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