What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Healthcare?

Technology is creating tremendous changes in the healthcare industry. It has helped to improve patient care and reduce mortality rates. With the help of technology, it became possible to treat a large number of diseases that were considered incurable in the past. Also, it is useful for saving a patient from fatal conditions such as a serious accident or stroke. Therefore, the introduction of digital technology in healthcare has helped to improve the standard and effectiveness of treatments and medications.

However, the wide use of technology in medical field has raised some risks too. A lot of concerns are existing about patient safety as the reliability of these technological devices is still questionable. Hence, the utilization of digital technology in healthcare has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we are listing some important benefits and drawbacks of medical technology for your knowledge.

What Is The Importance Of Technology In Healthcare?

Technology has brought a large number of innovations into the medical field. It helped to develop effective treatment methods and medical equipment and devices that are useful for diagnosing and treating different health conditions. Some of such medical devices include digital thermometer, insulin pumps, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meter, smart inhaler, and wireless brain sensors. These devices enabled better patient care. Currently, there are more than 500,000 technological equipment and devices used in hospitals and other healthcare departments.

Medical technology helped the doctors to accurately diagnose a patient’s disease, monitor their health condition, and decide the right treatment and medication.

What Are The Advantages Of Medical Technology?

Medical technology has provided a lot of advantages in the healthcare industry. It helped to improve the quality of the treatments and facilitate better patient care. With the help of these technologies, it became possible for patients to consult a doctor from their homes without having to visit a hospital or clinic. Some of the other advantages of digital technology in healthcare include the digitalization of health records, greater patient care, ease of workflow, improved public health, and lower healthcare costs. Hence, medical technology is greatly beneficial for both patients and doctors.

How Digitalization Of Health Records Is Beneficial For Providing Better Care For Patients?

Electronic health records (EHRs) are now replacing older paper records. This has brought a large number of advantages to the healthcare industry. With the help of these records, it became possible to store all the details and health records of a patient in a single place. Doctors and other people working in the medical field can easily access these records for knowing the previous health history of their patients. This is helpful for deciding the right treatment for a patient.

How Technology Helped To Provide Better Patient Care?

With the help of EHRs, doctors can find out whether there are any issues with a particular patient such as intolerance or allergies to a specific medicine. This data can be used for providing the right medication and treatment for the patients. Also, technology made it possible for the patients to see their health records and participate in deciding their treatments.

In addition to this, doctors can easily send details about the health condition of a patient to other doctors or health experts for seeking their advice. This can be also helpful for proving better health care for patients.

How Technology Facilitated Ease Of WorkFlow In The Medical Sector?

It became easy for billers and medical coders to keep record of the data of the patients. EHRs and the introduction of similar technologies made it possible for them to enter all the data about a patient into digital records. This is greatly helpful for reducing errors that can occur while entering the details about a patient.

Can Technology Help To Reduce Healthcare Costs?

The innovation of the latest medical devices facilitated the easy diagnosis of diseases and helped to provide better care for patients. New innovations are being made to find out easy and effective treatments that can replace complicated and costly treatments. Hence, it is useful for reducing healthcare costs.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Technology In Healthcare?

Machines are not always dependable. Sometimes, they can malfunction and jeopardize the health of patients. In addition to this, some technologies like X-rays and scanning can be dangerous for patients if they are not properly executed. Hence, technology has brought a large number of risks to the healthcare sector along with advantages.

As technology has progressed, now doctors are consulting patients through online media so that the patient does not have to visit the hospital. Even though this can be useful for people living in remote areas for getting the help of a health expert easily, this increased the health risks for patients. Here, the doctor will not be personally inspecting a patient, hence, he cannot find out the real problem of the patient. Therefore, the doctor will not be able to prescribe the right medication. So it can create a lot of safety concerns for the patients.

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