What are the benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare?

Digital Technology In Healthcare
Digital Technology In Healthcare
Breakthrough Medical Technology
Breakthrough Medical Technology

Artificial intelligence is the new advancement in technology. It enables the machines to approximate human cognitive functions like problem solving, decision making and object recognition. Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications. It can be really useful in banking, cyber security, product design, space programs, etc.

Today artificial intelligence is making its way to healthcare. If implemented properly, it will become a breakthrough medical technology. Even though there are a lot of concerns regarding the use of artificial intelligence in medical field, government and many corporate companies are willing to invest on AI-powered medical equipments.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence is the new technology in the medical field. With the help of artificial intelligence, diagnosis and treatment of various health issues will become more efficient. Here we will discuss about some of the major advantages of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Improve the Efficiency of Disease Diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can assist the doctors in diagnosing the health problems of a patient accurately. It will help in detecting many diseases in humans by analyzing various medical records with the help of algorithms. Tests conducted by a Danish AI software company to determine the efficiency of artificial intelligence in detecting cardiac arrest showed positive result. The AI algorithm analyzed the person’s voice, body movement, background noise and detected cardiac arrests with a 93 % success rate. While in the human detection, the success rate was only 73 %. Many experts say that artificial intelligence will help to diagnose and prevent thousands of cancer related deaths by the year 2033.

Assist in Robotic Surgery

Artificial intelligence can analyze medical records and assist a doctor during the surgery. Introducing artificial intelligence into surgery ensures reduction in human errors and helps the patient with a faster recovery. Statistics show that using artificial intelligence during surgery will reduce the patient’s hospital stay by 21 %.  A study involving orthopedic patients show that AI-assisted surgical procedure can reduce the human errors by five times. Doctors are starting to use AI-powered Roberts to assist them during the surgery and help them to perform complex procedures with greet control and accuracy.

Virtual Nursing Assistants

Artificial intelligence can provide virtual nursing assistance 24/7. Since they are available at any time, they can monitor the patients and provide answers to their questions effectively. Virtual nursing assistants allow regular communication between the doctors and patients. This helps in avoiding unnecessary hospital visits and readmission. They are also effective in reducing human workload and help to save billions of dollars annually.

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