How Technology Improved Patient Safety?

Technology In Medical Field
Technology In Medical Field
Technology In Medical Field
Technology In Medical Field

The introduction of technology in medical field has brought revolutionary changes in this sector. It has improved the efficiency and accuracy of medical processes and enhanced patient safety. The technological advancements and the invention of healthcare devices reduced the mortality rate and improved the quality of life.

Advanced technologies have helped to increase patient safety and enabled healthcare providers to constantly monitor the health conditions of their patients even from remote locations. The following are some of the important advantages of technology in patient safety.

Facilitates Communication Between Healthcare Providers

There might be multiple healthcare providers involved in a patient’s medical journey. This might increase the risk of miscommunication thereby making it difficult to give proper care for the patients.

Communication errors are one among the most common reasons that contribute to the risk of adverse events. However, with the help of technology, it became possible to avoid the occurrence of adverse events to a great extent.

Electronic health records (EHRs) are designed for reducing such errors, as they can help to compile and maintain all the information regarding a patient’s health. EHRs can be accessed by healthcare providers whenever they want. So it has become easy to share the details of a patient between different healthcare providers thereby improving patient safety.

Reduced Medication Errors

Prescribing errors is a serious issue that can lead to many complications. But the introduction of electronic prescribing helped to reduce prescription errors, as it allows the doctors to send prescriptions to the pharmacy electronically. In addition to this, different features like medical alerts, reminders, and clinical flags also helped to improve patient safety.

Provides Easy Access To Information

Serious medication errors can occur if clinicians are not able to get enough information about drugs or patients. But the information technology has helped the clinicians to easily access reference information. A vast amount of drug-reference information can be accessed using hand-held devices. Hence, the clinicians will be able to quickly access databases, textbooks, and other medical references online.

Provides Patient-Centered Care

Advanced medical technologies have facilitated the involvement of the patients in their treatment plans. This helped to increase compliance and provide better patient satisfaction.

With the help of technology, it became possible for hospitals to adopt a patient-centered care system by fostering improved communication between patients and healthcare providers via online portals, email, and text messaging. It can also help to easily access information like online medical records that can be useful for self-monitoring as well as patient convenience.

With the introduction of technology in the healthcare sector, it became possible to improve patient safety. So the patients are now able to get personalized care and they can get involved in their treatment plans. This has helped to improve patient satisfaction and convenience.

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