What Technologies Are Used To Deal With Coronavirus?

Medical Technology Companies
Medical Technology Companies
Advances In The Medical Field
Advances In The Medical Field

Coronavirus is affecting millions of individuals around the globe. In spite of various technological advances in the medical field has seen over the years, keeping a social distance and following hygiene are the only measures against coronavirus. Anyhow, new technologies are used to tackle this virus, and these include the following.

Video Conferencing

Applications such as Skype and Zoom enable people to communicate remotely over the internet. In other words, they do not have to be physically present in a single place for communication, thereby helping to keep social distancing.


A new technology in the medical field is telemedicine. Big American hospitals such as Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center utilize it for remote patient screening and treatment. One should also add that they use it to do so in a safe way now that the world is affected by coronavirus.

Drones And Self-Driving Automobiles

These vehicles are utilized to transport essentials such as medicine and foodstuff. For instance, these are used to have medical products delivered to the Hubei-based Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. Furthermore, unmanned aerial vehicles are utilized to check whether people are violating the government’s ‘stay-at-home’ ordinance by gathering in public places in India.


Artificial intelligence helps not just in diagnosing COVID-19 but also developing a solution for it. Many medical facilities in China use AI-based programs to look at CT pictures of patient lungs for any sign of infection. Supercomputers and cloud-based resources are utilized to quicken the process of developing a vaccine or cure for coronavirus. Many businesses use medication discovery platforms powered by artificial intelligence, or they mine through sets of data of approved medicine to discover a COVID-19 cure. Besides, ‘chatbot’ programs are utilized to keep travelers informed of the most recent travel disruptions and procedures.

Virtual Biometrics

More and more iris and facial recognition software coupled with infrared thermometers are utilized to screen people. Several Indian organizations have already been informed to stop using fingerprint-based attendance systems for the time being.


It is possible to deploy robots to serve medicine, food, and other care essentials to people in isolation rooms. The ‘Little Peanut’ robot delivers food to those who are placed in isolation in a China-based hotel.

In the United States of America, the ‘Vici’ robot helps in treating. An individual in Washington has communicated with his medical care service providers through the robot.

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